About Us

At Soulsstones we have set out to inspire people to discover their own inner power through energetic stones and crystals.

Our motivation

is to encourage you to make small positive changes in your life. Because it’s not just about using beautiful stones and crystals, it’s about taking care of yourself in body and soul following a conscious lifestyle that encourages you to develop and connect with your best version. We will show you the fascinating world of crystals and how they can become part of your life.

My name is Isabel Márquez

I am passionate about the magical world of stones and crystals for more than 20 years. For me it is inspiring to witness the magic that each crystal holds and how its beauty confines a wonderful power capable of bringing balance and well-being to our lives.

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About us

The stones and crystals that we at Soulsstones have available for you, are treasures that Mother Earth has been forming naturally for millions of years. Throughout history, many civilizations have admired the beauty of minerals for their unique vibration and healing powers. Surely you have heard about the benefits of having these little treasures close to our body or in our spaces because it has been proven that, thanks to energetic stones and crystals, your energies are balanced and your vibrational frequency rises; giving you wellness, harmony and positivity.

“It will always be a great sign of self-love to give us a beautiful energetic crystal to help us find balance and well-being in our lives.”

It is normal to be a little skeptical at first, as doubts about the effectiveness of the stones jump out. When you first encounter the world of stones you might wonder how a crystal has so much power, or how a stone can help me physically, mentally and spiritually? Don’t worry, we will accompany you through the whole process, and you will see that by opening the doors of your heart you will find from your own experience the wonders that energetic stones and crystals can bring to your life if you give them the opportunity.

“We would love for you to join us in this conscious lifestyle and open to wellness”.

It is important for you to know and take into consideration that: The use of quartz or Semiprecious Stones does not replace any type of medical or psychological treatment. Please, if you think you need this kind of help, go to a health professional.

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